A nail salon is a business that offers nail enhancement services as well as in some cases skin care treatments and various other cosmetology oriented services to both men and women. Nail salons offer many services/treatments for your hands and feet including pedicures, manicures, nail repair, nail polish application,as well as various hand and foot treatments.

RI nail salons are staffed by highly trained and professional cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians all specializing in various services/treatments.

A manicure is one of the most popular services that RI nail salons offer. A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for you’re hands and fingernails that consists of the filing and shaping of any nonliving tissue and the application of acrylic glaze on you’re nails to strengthen and protect them. Some manicures include the beautification of you’re nails in the form of designs being painted on or longer nail extensions being added at an extra price and of you’re choosing. A pedicure is this same treatment just performed on your feet instead of your hands.

Another service many RI nail salons offer would be eyebrow threading. This is a treatment falling more so under the cosmetology aspect of the business and consists of the very precise shaping of eyebrow hair to you’re preference. The thing that sets threading apart from plucking is that threading can uproot multiple hairs at the follicle level simultaneously wile plucking can only uproot one singular hair at a time. The “thread” that is used for this treatment is usually made of polyester or cotton.

One more treatment some RI nail salons offer that not many people are aware of is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a fast acting treatment that involves coating certain areas of your body in the wax such as your hands or feet for pain relief for ailments such as arthritis, or to help heal dry and cracked skin.